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“Did you eat yet?”

Food plays an important role in Thai life. So much so, that a common way of greeting a friend or family member is to ask them “Did you eat yet?“. Mealtimes tend to be a social and communal activity in Thailand, with family and friends sitting down to share a meal, traditionally while seated on mats on the floor. The style of eating emphasises the mutual enjoyment of all the food served. Several dishes are shared at the same time, with diners helping themselves to small portions from the serving dish so that there is enough for everyone to taste. These dishes are most commonly eaten with rice, Thailand’s staple food, with the different flavours and textures from each dish mixed together with the rice on one’s plate.

Thai food comes in many styles with the particular cultural identities, climates and influences of surrounding countries resulting in great regional variety. One thing that all Thai cuisine shares is the complexity of dishes with flavours combining sour, sweet, salty, bitter and spicy sensations and ingredients chosen to create diverse textures. The intricate balance of these tastes and textures is the key to all Thai cooking.

Global Experience Grounded in Cultural Heritage

Thai Lagoon is a family run business which aims to serve food cooked with love and care at a reasonable price and in a warm atmosphere. Here at Thai Lagoon, we take pride in the fact that all our dishes are cooked fresh and to the customer’s tastes. Fresh Thai herbs, spices and vegetables are imported each week and expertly blended with the finest quality local ingredients to provide an authentic taste of Thailand.

Thai Lagoon - Head Chef Sujan KlinsongThai Lagoon is run by the Klinsong family from Lampang, in northern Thailand. Sujan, the head chef, started his career as a chef at 18 in a famous restaurant in Bangkok. He then went to Cape Town, South Africa, to gain more experience and worked there for a number of years. He came back to Thailand and started his own restaurant in 1997. In 2007 Sujan moved to the UK and worked as the head chef of an award-winning restaurant in Cardiff for a number of years. The Klinsong family took on Thai Lagoon at the end of 2014 with a commitment to carry on the excellent standards that have made this one of the best-loved restaurants in Bedford.

In Thai Lagoon you can choose to order separate dishes from our à la carte menu or sample a recommended range of favourites by choosing one of our set menus. Our à la carte menu includes the most popular traditional Thai dishes, as well some of Sujan’s specialities which draw on the influences gained from cooking around the world and on the heritage of northern Thai cuisine. Our set menus consist of recommended combinations of dishes, carefully chosen to achieve a perfect balance of textures and flavours.

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